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Defensive Driving Is Driving Safely Despite the Mistakes of Others

Save on Your Auto Insurance

Take the DMV-approved defensive driving Point Insurance Reduction Program Course in the comfort of your home or office. SENSIBLE & SAFE DRIVERS offers this course for as low as $25 per person based on the number of attendees. All drivers are eligible including individuals who are still on their learner’s permit.

Save time and money on gas by not having to travel to a classroom. SENSIBLE & SAFE DRIVERS can come to your home, business or meeting location.

Can You Afford Not to Take Our Program?

Backed by more than 5 years of experience, we maintain a high level of client satisfaction by providing information that will improve driving techniques and avoid accidents.

Individual Benefits

  • 10% Savings on Auto Liability and Collision for 3 Full Years

  • Four Points reduced from your Driving Record

  • Protecting the Lives of Family and Friends

  • Protecting Assets From Potential Lawsuits

  • Greater Driver Safety Awareness

  • Improve your driving skills including emergency and defensive driving methods. 

  • Saving Time and Money by Avoiding Costly Violations

Can Your Business Use NYSP?

Motor vehicle crashes cost employers billions each year, including injuries, lost workdays, and other hidden costs from property damage and having to hire temporary workers. For this reason, businesses can make use of the New York Safety Program (NYSP) to avoid these liabilities. Get in touch with SENSIBLE & SAFE DRIVERS to learn more about the State of New York DMV-approved course we offer.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Saving on Fleet Insurance by Insuring Each Employee Who Drives a Business Vehicle

  • Saving on Personal Insurance (for Employees) on Their Vehicles

  • Reduction of Employee Absence / Vehicle Downtime

  • Significantly Increase Employee Morale

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate students using a methodology to positively influence attitude and therefore, behavior behind the wheel. We use modern multimedia techniques that teach driver’s responsibilities, traffic laws, and emergency and defensive driving methods. Our goal is to enhance appreciation and understanding of highway safety through facilitated, interactive instruction.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Read our clients’ testimonials to get an idea of how we do our work at SENSIBLE & SAFE DRIVERS. 

Would You Recommend the Class to a Friend or Another Driver?

“Take it. Other drivers and friends would benefit by learning new safety and driving procedures they were not previous aware of.”


If you want to share your experience with us, kindly send us a message. We’d appreciate your feedback!

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